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Digital marketing agency with a business ownership mindset.
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Why Dave's?

OK, you're cool.
But with so many options around, why?

Talk business

We are a team of highly-experienced and talented entrepreneurs and marketers who joined forces to create and run digital marketing strategies with a sole purpose - grow your business.

Promise reality

We’ll optimize your campaigns to the max, increase conversion rates by zillion %, and make sales skyrocket. Heard this before? We have too. We don’t do that and only tell you what's actually possible.

Value time

Traffic may triple but the conversions aren’t coming. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it just happens. We'll always let you know about that so that you won't waste your time and money.

Always honest

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has balls to admit them. If we made a mistake, we're going to tell you about it and not hide it behind bushes. And we expect the same from our partners too.

Our process

Digital marketing is complicated.
Let's make it simple together.


Tell us your business story – who are your customers, what are your goals, what are your USPs in comparison to the competition, and tell us about your experience in running digital marketing campaigns.


Having identified and aligned your business goals we will design and build a marketing strategy in order to achieve them. Whether it's a quick fix or a completely new strategy - we'll find out what you need.


Setup tracking for all important data points. We make sure all your business data is collected, and reported meaningfully, because we need the information to provide accurate context for every metric gathered.


Every business is a living creature that needs personalized hands-on care with every campaign which we undertake. This is the step where we transfer your digital marketing strategy from paper to reality.


We learn what works, and how to adapt, whether something goes great or, on the contrary, wrong. This means that your digital marketing strategy is always under the hands-on control of our team.


Real-time, easily understandable business results. Having us on the side of your business means you will always be fully aware of where your budgets are being spent and how well you are doing.

Our services

Full stack digital marketing.
From strategy to implementation.

Business insights

Crunching your business data to evaluate profitable values of digital performance strategies. We'll help you find the hidden gems that can improve your business results.

Data analytics

Full audit of your Google Analytics, E-commerce funnel setup, onsite goals and events tracking implementation. If you're doing business you should be able to see how it's performing.

Marketing strategy

Roadmapping of audiences, digital channels and campaign strategies to get performance results. We will prepare digital marketing strategy that will best suit your business.

PPC campaigns

Setup and optimization of Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other campaigns. We'll to all the work there so that you could be concentrated on your business.