PPC Campaign Audit

Gain valuable insights and advice about yor PPC marketing campaigns with our PPC Campaign Audit.
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What's in the package

Discover the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and unlock improvement opportunities through a streamlined 5-step process.
We begin the audit by establishing clear goals and objectives for our marketing campaigns. These objectives can include metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, sales, or brand awareness.
During the second step, we audit the tracking of your website and the setup of Google Analytics. We test if the tracking is implemented correctly, events are firing and data is being collected.
Landing pages
During the third step, we assess your landing pages for UX, content relevance, and conversion optimization. We pinpoint areas for website improvement that will enhance their performance.
During the fourth step, we audit your Google and Meta Ads campaigns. This includes assessing their configuration, overall performance, and alignment with your marketing goals.
In the final step of our audit, we offer recommendations to improve your digital marketing performance. These include adjustments to strategies, messaging, targeting, and budget allocation.

The benefits of the audit

The digital performance marketing audit is crucial for various reasons. Here are the five key factors that emphasize its significance.
Performance evaluation
It helps measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies and tactics in achieving your business goals and provides insights into what is working and what needs improvement.
Optimisation opportunities
It identifies areas for improvement, allowing you to optimize your digital marketing efforts and uncovers potential gaps or weaknesses in strategies that may be hindering the performance.
Enhanced ROI
By evaluating marketing channels, the audit helps maximize ROI from your digital marketing activities, leading to improved outcomes through better budget and resource allocation.
Competitive advantage
Analyzing competitors' digital marketing strategies offers insights into trends, benchmarks, and best practices, helping you gain a competitive edge and identify opportunities for differentiation.
Strategic decisions
The audit forms the basis for future performance marketing decisions, helping you create a roadmap to enhance digital strategies, set realistic goals, and allocate resources effectively.

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