About us

We are a team of highly experienced digital marketers with an ownership mindset who joined forces to help you grow your online business.
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The Owners

  • Algirdas Algirdas LinkedIn profile
    Strategy & Meta Ads
    The annoying perfectionist who always strives for more.
    At Dave's, I lead all digital performance channels, blending time-tested strategies with innovative and unconventional tactics for superior and transparent results. I leverage strategy and data analysis to tailor the best approach to each client's digital performance channels.
  • Donatas Donatas LinkedIn profile
    Tracking & Google Ads
    Mister tech geek with the soul of an artist.
    It all begins with a solid marketing strategy, defining key KPIs, and fostering a transparent client-agency relationship. Once onboarding commences, the magic happens. As the main tracking expert, I believe in the importance of a seamless connection between websites and data analytics.

Why us

Our approach to work ethic is guided by our core values, ensuring that we consistently deliver best results when working with clients.


We are a team of skilled entrepreneurs and marketers with extensive experience, united in our mission to craft and execute digital marketing strategies dedicated to the singular goal of expanding your business.


While some agencies might make exaggerated claims about dramatically boosting your conversion rates and revenues, our commitment lies in providing a realistic assessment of achievable results.


While it's a fact that everyone makes mistakes, not everyone has the courage to acknowledge them. Fundamentally, we value transparency and accountability, and if we happen to make an error, we'll openly communicate it to you.


We're a responsive team that utilizes messenger applications—whether yours or ours—for communication, enabling us to promptly address your inquiries and implement solutions within minutes or hours.

Want to start working with us?

Drop us a message at [email protected], give us a call at +37068407257, or just fill in the form.
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