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Universal Analytics is fading away and from July 1st 2023 will not be collecting any new hits. This is why today is the perfect time to switch your data processing to a Google Analytics 4.

Why should you consider switching to Google Analytics 4 today?

  • You'll not be able to gather any new data in your Universal Analytics starting July 1st 2023.
  • You'll be able to use new reporting interface and flexibility to satisfy your business needs.
  • You'll use different measurement and attribution models to understand users journey more easily.
  • You'll be able to connect web pages and apps into one data reporting platform.
  • You'll see landing page reports…

…and these are only a small part of all new features that are already available right now in Google Analytics 4!

What's in the package

Start working with us today and switch to Google Analytics 4 easily, without losing your data. Or mind.

Google Analytics 4

Setup of purchase funnel, goals and data tracking in Google Analytics 4 - make sense of your digital marketing strategy and see its results instantly.

Google Analytics 4 Reports

Setup of 3 reports you're going to use in your newly launched Google Analytics 4 to easily understand users journey through page or ecommerce site.

Google Tag Manager

Setup of Google Tag Manager for hassle free management of data tracking - no more need for developers to administer your website tracking.

Google And Facebook Ads

Setup of data tracking for Google Ads or Facebook Ads for better conversion optimization - make use of algorithms and tracking to run successful and measurable campaigns.

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